“The course of public opinion and policy making in America has been profoundly influenced by National Review.”

Conventional wisdom will always be found in conventional places, but never at National Review.  National Review magazine and NationalReview.com consistently provide those who shape policy and legislation with the unconventional, well-reasoned, and in-depth editorial commentary they depend on in forming their own opinions on today’s, and tomorrow’s, most critical issues.  


National Review provides advertising campaigns with a range of market-forward multimedia platforms, each one delivering a sought-after target audience renowned not only for its earning power and professional success, but also for its ability to lead and shape opinion.

Print Advertising

Founded by William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955, and now edited by Rich Lowry, National Review has long been, and continues to be, among America’s most influential opinion magazines. A bold claim?  Not from the only American magazine ever to have launched a major political movement. And not from the only American magazine that has consistently provided insightful, unique, and incomparable coverage of today’s, and tomorrow’s, most important political, economic, social, and cultural issues and trends.

Digital Advertising

Launched in 1994, NationalReview.com quickly became one of America’s premier news and opinion sites. NationalReview.com is not simply an extension of the magazine.  Instead, the site is an entirely different undertaking; one that carries on the brash, highly influential journalism started by William F. Buckley Jr.

Delivering millions of monthly readers, NationalReview.com is a daily must-read for both inside-the-Beltway movers and national opinion leaders, all of whom depend on the site’s unique, intelligent, and thought-provoking content to help them stay on top (and ahead) of the political, economic, cultural, and social scene in America and around the world. 

E-Mail & Newsletter


National Review provides dedicated e-mail campaigns with a highly select and responsive opted-in audience.

E-Mail List Specifics

  • Minimum Order: Half-List Minimum for Exclusive E-Mail
  • Full-List for Sponsorship, Weekdays Only
  • Selections: HTML Setup, $150 Flat Fee; A/B Splits Available
  • Maintenance: Updated Daily/CAN-SPAM Compliant


National Review’s wildly popular newsletters include Jim Geraghty’s daily Morning Jolt, Jonah Goldberg’s weekly G-File, NR Daily (Monday through Saturday), and Week in Review (Sundays).

Newsletter Specifics

  • Available Sponsorship Ad Units: 300 x 250, 728 x 90
  • Minimum Order: Half-List Minimum for Exclusive Sponsorships
  • Selections: HTML Setup $150 flat Fee, A/B Splits Available


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